Things to consider before creating a dating profile

Dating in this day and age can be very tricky, and you need to be on top of your game if you want to succeed. First and foremost, you must put yourself out there, and explore the various dating options, and see which platforms cater to your specific needs. There are a lot of dating sites out there, some are strictly for sex hook ups, others lead to marriage and some are strictly religion based. They all have one thing in common, a profile. If you want to get the best out of these sites creating a dating profile is essential. When it comes to creating a dating profile you need to put your best foot forward, always choose a picture that highlights all your good features, preferably one where you were involved in some fun activity. You could also get your friend (preferably the crazy one) or someone who knows you pretty well to help you spice it up. Your profile is what possible matches see when they visit your page, so you have to work your magic on it. There are many fake profiles out there so be careful. Don’t fall prey to fraudster profiles. If something looks too good to be true check carefully before going ahead.

Creating a dating profile

Psychology in dating a younger partner

It seems as if the whole world is in a special relationship with the internet at the moment and most people have forgotten about the concept of psychology in dating. In a world of rationality and statistics, human beings often find it difficult to grasp the concepts of dating rituals, because they change often and are different for every situation. Changes in our society have meant that the dating scene has become more about online connections than physical meetings, however, there are deep psychological ideologies that we can benefit from before we undertake our quest to find our soulmate. In this post, I am going to outline a major psychological plus and a major psychological negative when it comes to online dating. It is no wonder that many people have turned to online dating if they are shy, anxious or socially awkward. The principles of psychology in dating, when talking about online dating, make it easier for these types of people to open up and make a connection with someone online because you are taking away the present danger of embarrassment. However, the flip side to this is that the internet offers you a plethora of choice when it comes to dating. Psychologically this can be a major negative for people as they tend to always second guess themselves. If you are picking from three potential dates then you are likely to feel secure in your choice, however, when you are choosing from hundreds or even thousands of candidates the choice becomes harder and harder and you are likely to make no decision at all, or be constantly second guessing yourself. If you want to know more about the topic you can read – The hidden science behind dating success
an article published in the daily mail.

Psychology in dating - Science or Art

Dating Tips – What Not to Do

Dating Tips - Don't Get Drunk

It’s pretty common for single women to receive endless dating tips and advice from friends but rarely does anyone describe what NOT to do. Therefore, here are my top ten dating tips for what NOT do on a first date.

1) Don’t freeload – If he’s a gentleman, he will pay the bill. However, it’s still nice to offer to contribute.

2) Don’t be unsure of yourself – Initial jitters are to be expected, but try to remain confident and self-assured.

3) Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not – Don’t be worried about what he’s going to think of you. Just be you!

4) Don’t be ungrateful – Thank him when he does something sweet like holding the door open or paying the bill.

5) Don’t get hammered – Have a glass of wine with dinner but don’t do shots at the bar. Stay in control and show the best side of you.

6) Don’t hook up – If you want a real relationship, refrain from jumping into bed on the first date.

7) Don’t overshare – Don’t go into detail about past relationships or your emotional baggage.

8) Don’t ignore your gut – If your intuition tells you he isn’t the one or that something’s wrong, don’t ignore your inner alarm. Politely end the date and get out of there.

9) Don’t feel obligated – If the date is going horribly or you don’t feel a connection, don’t feel like you owe him anything. Politely excuse yourself at the first opportunity.

10) Don’t be misleading – If you are looking for something serious or simply wanting to have fun and meet new people, be upfront about it.

By following these simple dating tips for What not to do on a date, single ladies won’t stay single for long!

All Online Dating Sites On The Internet

All Online Dating Sites - Dating Site Home Page

The first thing you have got to understand about online dating is that all online dating sites are NOT the same, and it’s key for meeting a good match. The point is: even if you had one generic account for all online dating sites, you would still meet different people on each site because people prefer one site to another because they think it fits their personality. Once you have chosen the right site for you, don’t push for a first date right away. The person you are writing may be in a different place in life with a different understanding of the site. Try to understand them without asking super direct questions. Why did they choose that site?? Also, one of the best services of online dating sites is that they show you normal guys, and you should act on that!! Play the field: see what happens! You’ve got to understand that dating websites can help you like they helped me – be social, meet lot’s of new people!

Single and Holidays


A poster of the Love Boat, a popular 80"s TV series

I have been wondering about a singles holiday for a while now, but when I have looked online most information I find is how to be a single on holiday! Lots of advice around on the ent for how to survive a holiday being single, like this one on eharmony but not much about how to find a holiday with other singles. I guess I was imagining something like The Love Boat– remember that TV series? I cringe now but I really liked it when I was younger. I think in my mind I had envisioned some sort of all inclusive holiday meeting other singles but if that is the case I cannot find it. I do not see myself on a 18-30’s holiday even when I was in that age range. Then I found one for solo holidays that seemed to be what I was after until I looked at the prices and compared similar with normal travel packages. A little more expensive than I thought. I know I have to pay supplements etc for being on my own but I have been booking holidays for us as a family for years and know I can sort something out better.

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but I like to walk, have done a far bit in my time although let is slide last few years always accommodating his likes  – enough said! So I have decided to book myself a trekking holiday and I am going all out. I am booking  a trip to Armenia  -a silk road revisited trip. I have decided to take out a loan and pay for it in full so as to avoid any increased supplements nearer the time. Also psychologically I want to know it is booked and paid for. I sorted out a loan with and  have booked for September 2016. That gives me time to  get myself fit and ready for a trek – also I can build up some spending money.  Oh wow can’t believe I have actually done it. Anyone know of any good walking groups in Lancashire?

Unconventional Tips for Successful Dating


Dating and the how to of dating

Dating is becoming more difficult with modern fast paced life. The romance has given way to consumerism. Old ways are no longer effective ways to build fire between couples. I have some tried and tested new ideas for great dating which have better chances of ending up in successful relationship.

  • Meeting places – Try new places to meet rather than usual beaches, hotels and parks. Rather go on a hike together and enjoy the wild together. Going cycling together is also a good idea.
  • Fragrances – Deodorants have replaced the original fragrances of flowers. Try the old school fragrances of flowers, a sure chance of success.
  • Get Close and touch – Research has proved that long relationship is the result of touch and strokes. So the earliest you get close and touch the better the chances of date culminating in relationship. If this does not happen bye-bye the date.
  • Early Kisses – Dating couples who kiss before their fourth meeting are more likely to be couples. Well I am talking about normal cases.
  • Gift Dark Chocolate – Yes friends dark chocolate induces romance. A recent research showed that dark chocolate made the heart faster and yearn for a kiss. This is the secret to gifts containing chocolate. It increases the libido also.

The First Meeting or Date…


First date in a coffeeshop, safe and comfortable enviroment.

Well as a first meeting I don’t think it went too bad! Mind you I was beginning to think I would never get there well dressed that is. On the day of the date, all my friends descended with the intentions of ensuring I was dressed appropriately and all ‘ready to go’. Still not 100% sure what they meant by that. Having them all there was a nightmare; sorry mates but you know you were. Nothing I had on was right from jeans and jacket to a dress I last wore to a funeral!! I actually went in what I had originally planned, jeans, blouse and jacket. I think I looked good. I refused the manicure and pedicure as I had one done only the day before and was quite happy with the colour, despite being told it was insipid – way to go raising my confidence!

I eventually got to Starbucks, after going through the do’s and don’ts of first dates and having to go back for my purse; Tiger having emptied it to ensure I had everything I needed ( obviously thought a purse unessential!!) and there was nothing untoward in it?? I still don’t know what that would be..a gun, mace!!! Oh well they do care about me.

What to say about the date, well to be honest, not sure what to say. George Clooney he is not but a very close second but I think he is a little too much aware of that. Not vain exactly but definitely conscious of how he looks. Conversation was a little one-sided at first, alright I admit it I was a little intimidated by his profile but he seemed a nice guy. Alright he didn’t rock my boat but it was only an hour over coffee; a coffee frappuccino (it was delicious, a new addiction has arrived) and a latte for me and two espresso for him. I must admit when we did get to talking the hour flew by and I did enjoy our conversation, although I am not sure a discussion on the Star Wars franchise is going to impress those friends of mine but I am planning to meet again for coffee again this weekend and another coffee frappuccino.

Woo hoo I have another date!!! Now just to keep my friends away from getting me ready!! LOL love you guys.